“We consider the encounter with our customers to be a miracle, and we will do our best to deliver satisfaction.” This is our motto that has been and will continue to be the same in Japan and Bangkok. Fascinated by the land of Banco k, we have brought all the technology, know-how and information of beauty salons unique to Japan across the sea. We aim to respond to the feelings of happiness that are satisfied with the “heart of hospitality” and “heart of service” that are unique to Japan, and to anticipate and respond to the desires and needs that customers cannot express. Be familiar and be a trusted professional beautician. Our FaB Relations are soothing, comfortable and cozy, and there is nothing better than that. We promise to provide hairstyles that suit our customers and hospitality rooted in the spirit of Japan in a space that retains the sensuality and atmosphere of a traditional beauty salon with a luxurious and sophisticated dignity. We look forward to welcoming you to a place where you can relax while being cozy and healed.